Floor lack of core competitiveness


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In today's floor market battle, "cost", "fire-sale" and other words throughout the entire floor sales season, promotional price cuts throughout the year can be described. Flooring industry seems to live every day in the "floor Festival", "floor Week", "floor event," etc., but in recent years a large factory floor also buy a new model as markdowns on the rise, more intensified the trend, This is so that consumers have a "no promotion,cheap plastic door for bathroom in puchong not buy" mentality change. Flooring industry so dazzling variety of frequent promotions, such as a wheel-like staged war, not only makes consumers a choice numbness and psychological fatigue on the floor product purchases, which also makes the flooring business sales into a hardship situation, "not price no promotion, can not sell, "flooring business for markdowns This sales model so the cycle of use, this pattern will eventually consume the market long-term vitality and freshness.

This excessive price flooring industry promotion, but in reality is a poor result flooring product homogenization generated by the lack of core competitiveness is the level of performance.green plastic wood exterior decks Because companies lack the characteristics fist floor product, and the product itself do not have the distinctive characteristics of independent, can not establish a distinctive brand identity in the consumer base, so companies in the market competition will be the lack of core competitiveness, the price is also caught up in passive,3x5 composite landscape timber that is so similar in product sales of the ocean, the flooring business model to rely on price promotions to boost market share for their own products, so be emulated drills, eventually forming a flooring sales today embarrassment.

So, you want to create a floor ten brands, to break this passive situation seller, is unique, it is necessary to prevent a similar product, to prevent competitors to imitate, both in the upgrading of products or in the channel sales model, in Products should be formed before the birth of market barriers, strengthening the product's market appeal, and enhance the core competitiveness and innovation by strengthening channels late to avoid the sale of passive scene.Electric heating in addition to the temperature control easily damaged and need replacing, the other basic no maintenance costs. In actual use, how to build a decorative wood fence the useful life of electric heating can reach 30 years. Each household now has a leakage protection, the use of electric heating safety performance, there will be no danger. In summary, from heating efficiency, cost savings, comparative analysis and other aspects of safety, electric floor heating is much higher than the water to warm function.

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