Floor sealing membrane maintenance


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Floor sealing membrane maintenance

After drying, the workers and in accordance with the previous step on a layer of sealing agent after 20 minutes to dry, then there will be no place to make a good hit, repair some scratches. "After one hour will be able to walk on, and then moving furniture is the best after five hours, sealed in this layer of film can prevent the detergent, swipe and other injuries, is also convenient to clean." Staff said.

You may have doubts about, the effect is so good, the price is not too high ratio of oil and wax it? Interview, the reporter learned that the current price of ordinary maintenance and waxing the floor maintenance of essential oils on the market about a few dollars per square meter to between ten dollars.

And floor sealing membrane technologies, although maintenance of essential oils to prevent cracking of the floor to some extent, but the effect on the anti-friction minimal. Although the effect of the floor waxing than the oil is good, but sometimes the wax and floor surface paint quality react, causing discoloration, and later maintained a very short time often need care.

Floor sealing film is not the same, the bright film after processing professional and technical personnel, in the uneven floor surface where filled at the same time, so that a uniform light reflection, floor become glamorous, both non-slip and tough.

"Usually the price of seal membrane than waxing and essential oils is slightly higher, at about 15 yuan / square meter, but now the company is engaged in activities, only 10 yuan per square meter, and the price of ordinary oils and waxing almost, but need to do The frequency is low, once a year on the line, the emphasis can be done twice, doing 100-square-meter house, as long as a thousand dollars can get. "Tupper help staff said.

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