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The core of The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Busacca’s viewpoint depends on the concept that, much like Vgolds players, referees must get ready themselves for every organize from all standpoints - even logically.

“Vgolds is extremely quick nowadays, but even if you run like Forrest Gump, if you don’t understand the skill-sets, you won’t be at where at the best time,” he was quoted saying.

“Before a game, a trainer advices a gamer about how the other team collections up, what are you will of the competitors, etc. It should be the same for referees: they should know if an organization performs 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1; if they perform on the counter-attack… Before the Vgolds ball is arriving, you should be able to know where it will be, and that has to be recurring and simulated to fatigue. Referees are not machines and errors can occur, but this is how you create consistency and reliability to reduce them."

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